Serve Team

Local Mission work has slowed greatly in America. The SERVE Team at East Highland Baptist is committed to showing God’s love to our town of Hartselle and the surrounding communities. We believe Charity starts at home. Please join us as we share God’s love by helping people in need.
The SERVE Team at East Highland Baptist is looking to meet the needs of those in our community. We will do anything from providing food, yard work, car repair, home repair, or whatever is needed. The SERVE Team is also willing to help our city by picking up garbage, working events, or whatever is needed. We just want to show God’s love to the people of Hartselle and surrounding communities, especially those experiencing hardship.
The SERVE Team greatly appreciates prayers and support for this mission work. If you would like to volunteer or know of someone in need, please notify a member of the SERVE Team or contact the church office (256) 773-4157.
Our SERVE team in action! Our group helped out a family that came to us and needed stairs for their elderly father.